Brunch and Business Celebrates Arlington's Latino-Owned Businesses

October 28, 2022 | By Cara O'Donnell

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Latino-owned businesses in Arlington County are diverse, innovative and successful. That's the message from the recent Brunch & Business event that recognized those businesses as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. The event, organized by AED's BizLaunch and sponsored by the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, not only served as a networking event for business owners and those looking to start a business of their own, but also offered an opportunity to hear from experts and showcased the products of some of Arlington's popular Latino enterprises.

"I learned quickly that I needed support, not just within my community but from everyone," said Susanna Flores, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The Communications Group in Arlington and one of the panelists featured during the event. She said she found that support here in Arlington, but that opening a business was a lot of work. She and fellow panelists Andres Baquero (Quantica Tech), Adriana Torres (Café Sazon) and Juan Luis Salazar (La Coop Coffee) all discussed the processes of developing their business plans and determining their unique differentiators in their businesses in order to succeed. Several also highlighted the assistance and work provided by BizLaunch and BizLaunch en Espanol as helping to achieve their success.

AED's Brunch & Business events highlight the work of local entrepreneurs and provide networking opportunities for those looking to start a small business. Visit BizLaunch for more information on upcoming events, one-on-one consultations or other tips on starting a small business. 


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