#ShopArl Takeover Guidelines

Thank you for participating in BizLaunch’s #ShopArl Takeover! We are excited to work with you in celebration of the resilience of Arlington’s small business community. Below, we’ve curated a quick overview of what our takeover is, and why your business should take part in it.

What is a Takeover? 
A takeover is the process of taking over someone else’s Facebook/Instagram account temporarily and sharing content with their audience; they are a great way for brands, businesses, individuals, and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content. 

Who gets to be a part of the #ShopARL Holiday Takeover? 
As an Arlington small business, this campaign is your opportunity to share your entrepreneurial story with the world. Think of it as an opportunity to showcase what you and your business is made of, what products/services you provide and what makes your business unique.  

Where will the Takeover place? 
BizLaunch will be hosting this takeover on Facebook/Instagram, using the “Stories” feature. 

When will the Takeover place? 
The Takeover will occur on a date of your choosing, please ensure you note which date you'd like to have your small business featured. *Subject to availability  

Why should I participate in the #ShopARL Takeover? 
Aside from having the opportunity to work with a team of experienced and innovative experts, Facebook and Instagram are great tools to promote your brand/business, increase community engagement virtually, and generate revenue. Did we forget to mention this takeover is completely free of charge – all we need from you is your participation.  

Okay, I’m interested. How do I participate in the #ShopARL Takeover? All we need from you for the Small Business Takeover is content—BizLaunch will do the rest. The following document is meant to guide you as you develop your pictures/videos for our Facebook/Instagram story. Once you’re finished reviewing the FAQs and filming guidelines, simply upload your information and content using this online form.  

* Please note that our social networks are meant to be entertaining, informative, and accessible to users of all ages and backgrounds. We reserve the right to not publish any content deemed inappropriate or not reflective of AED’s values and mission.  

Filming Guidelines

  • When filming, you may use your cell-phone camera, a tablet, or even a professional camera. Regardless of what you use, make sure you film your video with a vertical frame. 

  • Consider using a surface/tripod to maintain steadiness. Natural lighting is recommended, but you may want to use external lighting for better quality.  

  • Sound is key when you are answering questions; be aware of background noise, wind, or other sounds that may decrease the quality of your audio.  

  • If you are filming yourself speaking, make sure to look enthusiastic and engaging so people will choose to actively listen to the Instagram Story. 

  • When filming a video, make sure your video does not exceed a minute; your video should range anywhere between 10 seconds to a full minute. You may submit multiple videos. 

  • Consider visually incorporating your brand: wear apparel with your logo, film at your place of business, wear or show a personal favorite product, etc.  


Content Guidelines 

  • Provide Arlington with your business photo, logo, name, and background information ahead of time. This will help us with promotion around your takeover.  

  • Start with a quick introduction (your name, your role, the name of your business, etc.) that will familiarize yourself with the audience in your video.  

  • Questions to consider answering:  

  • What do your day to day operations look like?  

  • Show off the behind-the-scenes of your business. What parts of your business do people not know about?  

  • How have you all altered your business since COVID-19? 

  • Share your entrepreneurial journey.  

  • Highlight a popular and/or new product/service offered at your business.  

  • Tell us about your mission/vision statement.  

  • Share with us any new products/services or offers or anything you’re doing that you want potential customers to know.     

  • Don’t forget to tell potential customer’s where you’re located including your hours of operation etc.  

  • Include a variety of angles, shots, and material to keep your audience engaged, but be cautious of quality if filming as you move. 

  • For pictures, feel free to take pictures of different locations at your business, fellow employees, special products, etc.  

  • Consider including a call-to-action or special offer in your video/picture (discount, a special event or specialty item, a unique link, etc.). This is a great way to further engage your audience, attract new customers, and track how your participation in this event increased your exposure or sales. Feel free to also shout out others or highlight your own social media handles and events.  

  • Also, to further promote the Instagram Takeover campaign and your business’ participation, consider using #ShopArl in your video/picture.   

We can’t wait to see what great advice and stories you share with the Arlington community. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to the BizLaunch team at [email protected].  

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