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Welcome to the BizLaunch BizQuiz! BizLaunch has partnered with BTG to bring you a FREE, one-of-a-kind, business assessment tool designed especially for entrepreneurs (both start-ups and existing businesses). The BizQuiz will evaluate how well your business performs across seven managerial best practice areas. It will also reveal how your results compare to other local entrepreneurs who have already taken the BizQuiz. Best of all, upon completion of the BizQuiz you’ll receive a personalized Premium Results Report and ongoing access to BizLaunch resources that will help improve your business practices.

What you’ll need to complete the BizQuiz

Information regarding each aspect of your new or existing business.

Time needed to complete the assessment

The entire assessment will take approximately one hour to complete, including:

  • 5 minutes to gather the necessary materials to complete the BizQuiz
  • 5 minutes to create a free BizQuiz user account on BTG's Web site
  • 45 minutes to complete the BizQuiz

We understand your time is valuable; however, a thorough and thoughtful completion of the assessment will provide the most accurate results, as well as the best business process improvement recommendations possible.

Register to begin the BizQuiz

To start the BizQuiz, you will be redirected to BTG’s Web site, where you must first register to take the BizQuiz. After registering for the BizQuiz (by creating a username and password), you will receive an email confirming the activation of your account. You may then log in—using the link provided in the confirmation email—to start the BizQuiz.

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