Below are AED's Retail reports and studies. You may also be interested in AED's Retail Policy work.

Arlington County Retail Plan (July 18, 2015)

On July 18, 2015, the County Board adopted the Arlington County Retail Plan. This plan provides guidance for the three Major Planning Corridors: Rosslyn-Ballston Metro Corridor, Jefferson Davis Metro Corridor and the Columbia Pike Corridor and a more flexible approach to retail in Arlington. July 2015.

Rosslyn – Ballston Corridor Retail Action Plan

This is a link to the 2001 Rosslyn – Ballston Corridor Retail Action Plan. This plan has been superseded by the Arlington County Retail Plan. May 2001.

Urban Retail: Inside, Outside and All-around

Arlington has policies related to the inside of retail spaces, the outside, and the area around retail. This paper pulls together all of these in one document, in an effort to provide a framework for reviewing — and potentially revising — Arlington’s retail policies. Length: 7 pages. September 2011.

Clarendon Retail: the Past Five Years

Over the past five years, retail growth in Clarendon has been substantial. This paper looks at the changes and trends that have taken place and its impact on the area. Length: 4 pages. Published: August 2011.

Room for Improvement

While the County's numerous awards and recognition for Smart Growth and transit-oriented development have led many to assume that retail in Arlington is highly successful, there are still areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. This supplement to the Retail Task Force Report, "Boutiques, Bistros & Banks" reviews the County's retail policies, offers recommendations and outlines implementation strategies and next steps. Length: 11 pages. Published: March 2010.

Boutiques, Bistros and Banks

In August 2008, the Arlington Economic Development Commission formed a Retail Task Force to examine retail-related issues in Arlington County. Learn about their recommendations for successful retail in Arlington. Length: 16 pages. Published: December 2009.

Current Assessment of Arlington's Community Retail Base

Final report supporting the work of the County Board appointed Small Business Task Force on Community Retail. Published: August 2003.