Small-scale Manufacturing: Economic Growth and Diversification

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Join Matt Wagner from National Main Street Center for an insightful look at how small-scale manufacturing is changing the face of communities.

Data suggests that this form of manufacturing is rapidly growing along commercial districts across the country, expanding and diversifying the employment and retail opportunities found in our districts, as well as offering businesses a competitive advantage over online, national chain and big box competitors.

The causes are two-fold: Technologies like 3-D printing, high speed sewing equipment and food processors at scale are shrinking the building needs and cost of entry into traditional manufacturing. This is combined with rapidly changing consumer preferences that are tired of homogeneous products that can essentially be purchased anywhere. Today’s consumers are looking for products with a story, made locally and appealing to their unique individualism.

As a result, from micro brewers to apparel and bike manufacturers,  more people are beginning to blend retail, manufacturing and wholesaling opportunities at a much smaller scale, leading to growing tourism, diversified employment and well-paid job opportunities for local communities.

Date: February 28, 2020

Made In Arlington

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Central Library
1015 N. Quincy St.
Arlington, VA 22206
Fee: Free, Registration Required
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Speaker Matt Wagner (Vice President of Revitalization Programs) has more than 20 years of non-profit management experience in downtown development, entrepreneurship and tech-based economic development.


Top Photo: The Runway Lansing

Made In Arlington

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