Arlington Art Truck Receives NEA Funding

Arts TruckArlington Cultural Affairs has received a $25,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support its innovative new Arlington Art Truck. The project was one of approximately 1000 nationwide to receive funding, the NEA announced earlier this month. 

“The main goal of the Arlington Art Truck is to demystify the artmaking process, to tear down the four walls, turn it inside out and bring the ‘museum’ to the people,” says Michelle Isabelle-Stark, director of Arlington Arts and Cultural Affairs. Through this, Arlington Cultural Affairs hopes to inspire people to be more creative in their daily lives and create a forum for discussion and interaction with art.

The Art Truck is a mobile van outfitted with creative tools, digital components and traditional art supplies that serves as a studio for guest artists and a civic engagement platform for Arlington County government staff. The Art Truck will simultaneously expand community access to art and increase and diversify public engagement in County planning and decision-making processes.

The Art Truck projects may range from an impromptu gallery to unexpected creative performances and interactive experiences designed to blur the line between participant and presenter, citizen and bureaucracy. Locations for civic engagement will include after school programs, neighborhood events, public libraries, clinics and public service sites, festivals, farmers' markets, schools and other community gathering spots. The objective is to engage the entire diverse population of Arlington County in developing its community through artistic and cultural engagement and expression.

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