Zoning Changes Along Columbia Pike Pave Way for Expanded Retail

We could be seeing some expanded retail opportunities along Columbia Pike.

The County Board voted earlier this month to amend zoning ordinances to expand the retail possibilities along the Pike. Think things like a microbrewery. A pet boarding location. Perhaps an art gallery. Any of these could be possible as future Pike endeavors for entrepreneurs looking for the ideal spot for their next project.

These changes are due to changing economic conditions in the neighborhood and come out of, and align with, the 2019 Columbia Pike Commercial Market Study and the 2015 Arlington County Retail Plan. They also align with the Columbia Pike Form Based Code with the intent to have high pedestrian activity adjacent to public sidewalks, include interesting architectural design, and increase visibility into buildings. All will help build the excitement and uniqueness of Columbia Pike and its draw as a walkable, urban corridor.

Read more about the Board action.

Topic: Economic Update
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