Why Applied Predictive Technologies Calls Arlington an Excellent Location

Earlier this month, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe formally announced that Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) will continue to call Arlington its home, growing its employees in the next several years by 368 and also doubling its office space in Ballston. It is very rewarding to see how APT has grown in Arlington. I first started working with APT in 2006 when it leased a few thousand square feet of office space in Ballston. Through the years, the company grew steadily, adding more employees each year to the approximately 250 employed there today.

APT is regarded as a regional and national leader in the data analytics field. Its proprietary software uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and make optimal decisions. By speaking with the company's senior level executives, it is obvious that APT believes Arlington is an excellent location for the company to attract quality employees. Each year APT recruits from the nation’s top universities, including MIT and Harvard. Three quarters of APT’s recruits had perfect SAT scores. 

Nationwide, it is extremely competitive for companies to hire top graduates with computer science, data and software engineering degrees. In order to attract these young, talented students, APT offers as much as six-figure salaries and additional benefits, financial and in-kind, to entice these students to accept positions within the company. Hence, Arlington’s attractive and safe location, amenities and public transit systems all support APT’s workforce recruitment strategy. Once employees are on board, they choose to stay with APT. The company has a very low attrition rate. 

Through the years, APT has won numerous awards such as Best Places to Work, Best Company for Millennials, Fantastic 50, Most Innovative Company and Corporate Social Responsibility. It is exactly the type of company that Arlington strives to attract and retain, and we are thrilled they have chosen to remain and expand in Arlington.

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