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  • Aug 3, 2013

We’ve all heard that Arlington, Virginia has the most educated workforce (71% have a bachelors degree or higher) and a high percentage of young, smart professionals in the 25-34 age range.  But have you ever wondered how Arlington’s top companies are able to attract these highly-sought after employees, particularly when competing against firms in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Portland, and Austin? For many, a cool office space is quickly becoming a top recruiting tool -- and it’s much more than a stocked fridge and Sony Play Stations.

Gone are the days of cubicle labyrinths and ostentatious corner offices. Today’s modern offices transcend the four walls that physically define them and transform into places where creativity, collaboration, and innovation can flourish. The office has become a second home, a hang-out, a grotto to seek inspiration and a place where people can do incredible work. The space must function for huge team work sessions yet concurrently operate as a silent cocoon where coders can escape into “the zone.” The office space has become synonymous with company culture. Companies built to last understand that the actual office space matters and can almost be perceived as a benefit or incentive. How does a place make you feel like someone special, like you are part of building the next big thing?

And we can’t forget about location. Is the office near alternative modes of transportation, places to recreate (run, bike, and exercise), nice establishments for lunch and happy hour gatherings, or venues to satisfy artistic needs?

In our newest feature, Arlington Spaces, Arlington Economic Development (AED) will highlight some of the coolest and most innovative workspaces in Arlington. Come along as we celebrate how companies are revolutionizing office space, and not only the physical structure (hardware) but the events, services, perks and programs (software) that are part and parcel in creating a culture that attracts the best and brightest. Find out how Opower, Accenture, Evolent Health, and other cutting-edge companies are creating the next-generation work space. Learn from local architects and planning experts, including Little and Gensler, on what trends companies should be following in designing their spaces to fit today’s professionals.

Do you think your company has a cool space? Are you doing something unique to attract employees? Email and let us know so we can feature your company in an upcoming post.


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