Turn Your American Dream into Reality with the HSN American Dream Event

Have you been contemplating the idea of becoming your own boss and opening your own business? Have you dreamed of launching that crazy but innovative idea or product that could change the life of millions of Americans, but all you need is a little extra push? Do you want to start living your American Dream? You’re not alone – and now, that push is here. The HSN: American Dreams Event is the perfect event to start making dreams into reality.

Arlington Economic Development, the Small Business Administration and the SCORE Foundation have partnered up to bring entrepreneurs and business owners the unique opportunity to present their ideas and products to the Home Shopping Network through participation in the American Dream process. Now in its second year, the HSN: American Dreams gives entrepreneurs from around the country the chance to have their products on the air with the Home Shopping Network.

It all starts in Arlington with an info session for the HSN: American Dreams Event on February 27. Here, you’ll have the chance to really discuss your idea or plan with experienced counselors with years of experience in the business world. These counselors can offer a valuable platform to get training and feedback on how to position your business, idea or product and will help you master the idea of the formal pitch process.  Key presenter Rob Baron is a SCORE counselor with vast senior-level national corporate experience and is responsible for building the American Dream/SCORE relationship, bringing opportunities to communities around the country. As a successful entrepreneur, Baron understands the importance of providing other entrepreneurs and business owners with the right tools to successfully grow their businesses. You’ll learn more about the American Dream opportunity, application process, share some success stories and let you know what to expect moving forward in the process. From there, applications are submitted and products pitched in May.

This is your chance to take your great product and potentially have the opportunity to present it in front of more than ninety-six million people. This is a one in a lifetime dream opportunity for every entrepreneur to get quality information. Start living your American Dream today!

Register today and take your idea or business to the next level. 

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