Three Tips to Enhance Your Online Presence

When was the last time you bought a product or service without first asking friends and relatives for referrals, searching the web for suggestions or reading online reviews before making a purchase? Now, when was the last time your researched your business online? Is your business’ online reputation positive, negative or simply nonexistent? Regardless of where you stand, here are three tips – categorized by the level of effort required — to help you create or enhance your business’ online presence.

  1. Minimal Effort
    If your presence is nonexistent, you are not alone.  A great, easy and free way to get started would be to establish a presence on different search engines like Google and Bing. Google My Business and Bing Places for Business allow business owners to include information about their business, such as address, hours and phone number, as well as descriptions of their products and services. In addition, both services allow customers to rate individual businesses. Take the first step in creating and controlling your online presence.

  2. Moderate Effort
    What’s next? Now that you officially “exist” in the search engine world, you should consider having a professional website that informs potential clients about your products and services and their benefits. A poorly made or generic website gives the impression that the quality of your products and service are equally as mediocre; therefore, do your research and invest wisely. However, having a website does not guarantee that it is being viewed by anyone. Among the millions of websites, your website may get lost in the shuffle if not showcased correctly.
  3. Maximum Effort
    One great way to increase your online presence is to actively engage your audience on social media through the various mediums that are most frequented by target audiences. Your social media posts should not only entice your prospective customers with your products and services but also keep them continuously engaged with relevant content (e.g. photos, video), all the while maintaining consistency in messaging. Regardless of the medium you use or approach, remember to track your client’s level of participation to determine what works.

There is no single online strategy that works for every business or one that lasts forever. Start where you are, take the time to invest in your business’ online presence and most importantly, continuously manage and measure your progress and adjust accordingly. 


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