Thoughts from Black Hat 2017: Highlighting Deception Technology

Now in its 20th year, Black Hat is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development and trends. Throughout the day here at Black Hat, we're hearing more and more so-called buzz words — that is, the words that a non-technical cybersecurity professional uses to keep conversation.

One of those phrases is 'deception' technology.

How does deception technology work? First, there's admitting there's a problem that can't be solved. First, acknowledge that human error is inevitable which will leave your system, network and/or data vulnerable no matter how good your LinkedIn resume looks to a cyber recruiter. Second, set up a vulnerability that looks familiar and inviting. This acts like a decoy and when the intruder enters they will start to feel comfortable. Once they start to get comfortable the intruder will inject the system with malware. Finally, deception technology analyzes the malware and sends reports to your cybersecurity team in real time.

As we have learned at Black Hat 2017, deception technology is the future, and it's a great conversation starter when chatting with cybersecurity professionals. 

So why are we, representing Arlington, attending Black Hat 2017 and meeting with deception technology cybersecurity companies? After all, Arlington is the home to the Pentagon and some of the top cybersecurity companies in the nation. Plus, the federal government is finding more and more of their own battles are being conducted in cyber space.

As part of Arlington Economic Development, we're hoping to make those connections and encourage even more cybersecurity companies to open offices in Arlington, and meeting those companies here at Black Hat is the place to start that conversation. We're talking with companies who are interested in learning more about Arlington and what we can offer to technology startups, and we are using our newly designed Gazelle Grant as the back door (to borrow another popular cyber term) to a new home for cybersecurity companies in Arlington.

Topic: BIG Update
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