The Access to Capital Academy

I really love my job.

What I truly enjoy most is the opportunity I have to work directly with small businesses. At BizLaunch, we have the pleasure to hear each day about a new innovative concept or pioneering idea to bring to the marketplace. We work closely with entrepreneurs through the details of implantation and work on executing marketing plans and business strategies.

I ask myself daily what are the major impediments for someone to successfully open a business? What can prevent someone from living their dreams? Seven times out of ten the challenge I hear most often is access to capital. I am usually peppered with so many questions on funding. For example, "how do you go about accessing capital? Where do you get capital? How much capital do you have to give to get?"

My answer is always simple: build key relationships. The more people know you (really know you), and your business the more likely they will want to invest in you.

However, the reality is much more complicated. You can build new relationships all day; however, at the end of the day how do you get a venture capitalist or bank to show you the money? How do you best position yourself for the pitch and ultimately close the deal?

This is where the Access to Capital Academy was born. 

The main goal of the academy is to strengthen the position of a business to increase the chance of an organization to gain access to capital. To further the opportunity of a business to access capital to achieve a specific goal. What we have in-store are 4- business courses that will culminate in a pitch event before a room full of peers and financial organizations. The courses are designed with the end goal of making a strong business pitch for your specific business objectives.

At the end of the day the Access to Capital Academy will be a tool to help you position yourself to accomplish your business goals of 2017. 

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