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As small businesses navigate how they reopen and when, one thing remains certain, no small business wants to be forced to close because of large gatherings or be seen on social media enabling an environment that isn’t safe in the era of COVID-19.

Stop the SpreadIn order to help small businesses thrive, BizLaunch along with our partners, has developed a series of webinars called Onward Arlington. Each webinar will focus on a specific aspect of reopening processes small business owners need to consider, protecting the safety of their customers, employees and themselves.  

In our first webinar Onward Arlington: Reopening Safely During the Era of COVID-19, BizLaunch is bringing a host of subject matter experts from across Arlington County Government to address policies and regulations to open business safely. At the end of this webinar business owners will understand Phase One of Forward Virginia, and how their industry is affected, and will also address the new process for temporary outdoor restaurant seating.

While understanding the regulations and requirements is fundamental, small businesses will also need to be prepared to handle questions, emotions, attitudes, opinions and even fears customers and returning employees may have as they reopen. What can customers and employees expect as small businesses reopen? How can small business owners best communicate their new normal? How can small businesses remain nonpartisan in the COVID-19 era?

In our second webinar Onward Arlington: Communicating the New Normal, we’ll be addressing these issues while helping small business owners develop the right message for their customers and discuss practical communication vehicles to help business owners communicate their message effectively.  

As we move through future phases of Forward Virginia, we’ll continue to provide small businesses with timely content and resources to support as we transition together through our new normal. For more information on business resources visit

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