Small Business Focus: Columbia Pike Laundry

While Columbia Pike Laundry has been a staple of Columbia Pike since 1993, we wanted to highlight how the owners, Daniel and Dara Logan, are leveraging technology in their small business to serve their customers better and reach additional markets within the region. 


The Problem


Being busy professionals themselves balancing work and family schedules, the Logans understood the chore of laundry and could empathize with customers with similar schedule demands. When they purchased the firm in June 2018, they wanted to continue providing self-service laundry while offering additional convenience for customers like them with too few hours in a day. “We wanted to provide convenience to our customers similarly how many of them order a ride or food through an app,” says Daniel. Furthermore, many of their competitors were already tech-enabled, making it even more imperative to adapt.


The Solution


Initially, Columbia Pike Laundry launched wash and fold laundry service as part of their service mix and started going after business accounts. Then in November 2018, the Logans established their laundromat online (, allowing customers the ability to schedule a pickup for wash and fold service, complete their purchase, and have it delivered all within the same website or app. After the initial launch online, they began to acquire additional customers through their platform. Towards the end of 2019, they updated their website and app, making it easier for customers to navigate. “I’m a lifelong digital learner, we’re constantly making improvements to make it easier for our customers to access our services, and we still offer clients the ability to call and schedule a pickup,” says Daniel. 


Then in March 2020, the world changed, and as with many small businesses, Columbia Pike Laundry was not immune to the abrupt shift caused by the pandemic. “Our self-service segment saw a dip as a result of the pandemic, and while it has rebounded since our self-service segment has mostly plateaued,” says Daniel. However, because Columbia Pike Laundry took the necessary steps to enable technology in their business, the investment helped them reach new customers and made them more resilient and ready to adapt to the new normal.  “Now where we see consistent growth is not only with our B2C customer base but also with the B2B segment, which we can directly attribute to our website and app,” says Daniel. 


“We enjoy serving Arlington and the surrounding communities,” says Daniel. Therefore, Columbia Pike Laundry is offering new customers a 25% discount on their first order. Use promo code BIZLAUNCH25 at checkout to take advantage of this special offer for readers. 


Next Steps


If you’re ready to enable technology in your small business but don’t know where to begin, the BizLaunch Team is here for you. Visit to take advantage of some of the free tools developed to help you get online and sign up for our newsletter to be notified when applications for ReLaunch go live.

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