Sales: It's a Science

Throughout the year at AED’s BizLaunch, hundreds of new and potentially new business owners come in for assistance for everything from business plans to marketing and help with permits. One thing the team here tells them to keep in mind as they move forward with their new ventures is that as a business owner, one has to keep in mind that sales is the key to revenue. As part of BizLaunch’s ongoing workshop series, those business owners got to learn quite a bit on that very topic from the Maestro Group’s Will Fuentes, who has created several successful businesses over the last few years. His workshop, “Need Sales: The Art of Growing Revenue,” is sure to be a huge benefit to anyone considering a business in sales.

There’s no questioning Fuentes’ enthusiasm and infectious energy, that’s for sure. His style was easily understood and content really made everyone in the room want to go out and test their newly-refined sales ability. 

He started off with the 7 Ps of Sales:

  • Preparation: Understand your product and market to position yourself well.
  • Process: Have a control and tweak it to find what works best.
  • People: Do you understand them and their motives?
  • Product: What is your service? What do you do? Are you able to communicate this effectively?
  • Presentation: Every piece that touches the prospect matters.
  • Pay: Remove friction from this step.
  • Post-Sale: Deliver on what you promise and ask about it.

In addition to the 7 Ps, Fuentes instructed the room to keep critical questions in mind when making a sale. Who’s the decision maker? What do you really need? How much of a priority is this? What’s the budget? How will you close the sale? He says the goal should be to change the way any organization thinks about sales by making sure that you and your clients are on the same page. His BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) technique is one of his best practices, saying that small things like this can help establish control and allow you to learn about your audience which gives you an edge in your sales.

Fuentes finished his presentation with a perfect quote from Napoleon that truly highlights the importance of time in your ventures and how truly taking that necessary time will help achieve the best results.

“Dress me slowly, I am in a hurry”.

Guest blogger Cecilia Martinez is completing a summer internship with AED’s BizLaunch. She is a rising senior at James Madison University with a Business Management major and Spanish minor and hopes to one day open her own interior design business.

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