Return on Creativity Sees into the Future

For most people, the future is closer to science fiction than reality. It’s far away. It’s undefinable. It requires too many changes. It asks too many questions.

But for urban designers, the future is about what’s being planned today that will impact tomorrow. It’s about a landscape and infrastructure that are only limited by imagination. They ask questions and wonder, what will parks and playgrounds look like? How will we reclaim streets and parking lots if cars are not in use?

For anyone curious about what’s possible for Arlington’s future landscape, come and hear from a panel of influencers, thinkers, artists and practitioners who are exploring mobility, transportation, land use and the creative experiences of where we live.

Kris Krider, Urban Design and Research Supervisor, Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development will be moderating our panel of experts, including:

  • Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility + Placemaking Consultant, Alta. Co-Founder Greater Places.
  • Cheryl O'Neil, Principal and Urban Designer at Torti Gallas where she directs the design and planning of both large and small-scale communities, and challenging, urban architectural projects.
  • Graham Coriel-Allen, Principal at Graham Projects, a Baltimore-based creative agency making cities more inclusive and livable through public art, civic engagement, design, and communications.

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Following the event will be a reception sponsored by the Ballston BID.

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