Return on Creativity looks to the Front Line of leadership

Leading people and solving problems often requires a creative approach that deviates from the textbook norms.

Team of Teams, Extreme Ownership and Leaders Eat Last. These New York Times bestselling leadership books all reference the culture and practice of leadership found in the U.S. military. OODA loop, LDRSHIP Principles, Character & Leadership Development (CCLD), and small unit leadership are all formal practices taught by military organizations and hacked by their organizational leaders charged with implementing them in real life scenarios.

Arlington Economic Development’s (AED) May 16th Return on Creativity event will explore how leadership experiences gained by serving in the military have helped grow companies and lead people from the perspective of small, start-up and large businesses in and around Arlington. Hear from three generations of military and business leaders who apply their military leadership experience to business each day. “Arlington is unique in its large military population, and sees a tremendous economic benefit in having well-trained, transitioning service members available to hire across its resident organizations and industries,” said Andy Blenkle, Vice President of Fors Marsh Group and Economic Development Commission member.

“At this event, attendees can expect to learn the nuances of leadership practices among the different military services, how the best practices have been used in the business environment, and ideas on how to attract and leverage the experience of military veterans to improve the culture and productivity of your own company,” said Susan Soroko, Director, Arlington Creative Economy.

Moderator Fred Wellman, CEO and Founder of Scoutcomms will guide panelists Ron Owens (LMO), Kevin Jennings (Millenium Corporation), Isaac Barnes (Eminent IT), Patty Collins (McChrystal Group), Sam Meek (Sandboxx) and Jennifer Tender (ManTech).

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The ROC series offers networking opportunities, first-hand insights and compelling evidence that Arlington is an accelerator to personal and organizational growth and prosperity. Learn about the companies that are improving the areas creative reputation and earning new business from a variety of consumer companies.

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