Q4 Talent Corner: A Q4 Highwater Mark

Arlington’s demand for tech talent in Q4 set the highwater mark of any previous Q4 in Arlington for tech talent. In the final quarter of 2020, Arlington’s demand for tech talent continued to increase, the average number of monthly tech hires increased, and the average tech job posting duration decreased. 

2020 vs 2019:
In Q4, Arlington saw 89,275 tech jobs, an increase (albeit a marginal one) of 3,704 tech job postings over tech job postings in Q4 of 2019. While this increase in tech jobs is relatively smaller from Q4 of 2018 to Q4 2019, which saw a 14,196 increase, it displays Arlington’s unwavering demand for tech talent. Arlington also saw an increase in its monthly average of tech hires. Arlington averaged 621 monthly hires in Q4 of 2020 for tech positions compared to 2019’s Q4 monthly average of 607. 

Q4 2020 vs Q3 2020:
Q4 of 2020 also saw a sharp decline in median tech job posting duration from Q3 2020. Q3 observed a spike in the average tech job posting duration, reaching 66 days. The average tech job posting duration dropped by 28 days to 39 days in Q4. Employers in Arlington filled their tech job postings faster- by almost an entire month - than the previous quarter. 

Source: Emsi

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