Q2 Talent Corner: Northern Virginia Jumps In Tech Rankings

The Northern Virginia tech market continues piling up national recognition in the wake of CBRE's recent release of the 2020 Scoring Tech Talent report, which ranked the D.C.-area as the second best market for tech talent in North America, trailing only the San Francisco Bay Area. The runner-up position represents a jump from fourth place in the 2019 report, as the region passed Seattle and Toronto in the rankings.

Of the various metrics CBRE used to evaluate markets, the D.C.-area has the second-highest tech talent concentration at 8.3%, which is the share of tech talent compared to total employment. This sizable concentration of highly-skilled workers is critical to offering an environment conducive to innovation.

The region's significant tech talent concentration is attributable to it's highly educated workforce, innovative higher-educational institutions, and competitive pay. The D.C.-area saw a 34% growth in number of tech degree graduates from 2013-2018, and ranks second in the nation with over 12,000 tech degree completions during that timeframe.


CBRE 2020 Scoring Tech Talent Rankings

1) San Francisco Bay Area: 82.56

2) Washington, D.C.: 67.39

3) Seattle: 66.36

4) Toronto: 64.34

5) New York: 64.01

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