Putting Art to Work

Filmmaker Woody Allen is said to have quipped that ‘eighty percent of success is showing up’. Could it be that simple? Is it the new rule of thumb for inspiration? Quite possibly. Creative Economy initiatives in the U.S. and around the globe have been built on people already in place and businesses already thriving. Yes, they’re showing up. They’re looking to influence other industries. And they’re having an impact. From assessing the value of creative industries in states like Texas or using design strategies for hiring, rethinking the role of creatives in business is becoming a priority for companies that want to have a competitive advantage.

While leveraging a creative connection may sound interesting to many businesses, where do they start?

At Americans for the Arts, the pARTnership movement paves the way with toolkits, success stories and more that put creatives at the forefront of everything from Advancing Corporate Objectives and Strategies, Fostering Critical Thinking and delving into Corporate Social Responsibility.

In Arlington, showing up to an art studio open house was the moment of inspiration. Up until then, Arlington Community Federal Credit Union (ACFCU) had not considered itself a likely venue for original art. Nor did the members of the Columbia Pike Artists Studios (CPAS) imagine that their work would transform a financial institution into a place that displayed their commitment to the community. But through Arlington Economic Development, connecting ACFCU headquarters with the studios is evidence of the connections being made through CPRO and the County. And without an array of commercial art galleries in Arlington, the time to rethink a spaces proved timely. So the art came to the headquarters and to a branch on Glebe Road.

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