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Arlington Economic Development (AED) has chosen five emerging startups from Arlington to attend and exhibit with us at Collision - the nation’s fastest-growing tech conference. Collision takes place next week, from April 30 – May 3, 2018 in New Orleans. We are profiling each of the five startups this week in advance of the conference.  

Festi is a mobile app that allows you to create and book private events with a payment option. It’s like Eventbrite but for private activities with the ability to follow friends and create an exclusive network. We interviewed their founder, Rita Hopper, to understand a little bit more about the company and what she hopes to achieve at Collision.

Describe your startup in a few sentences:

Festi app allows people to monetize talents and do what you love with people you like. Sounds simple, but oddly enough, there is no platform out there that allows people book private events within a network of friends and neighbors. Festi is bringing the "social" back to social media in a town that never stops networking —from exercise, to parties, to policies. 

Brag a little. What have been your company’s biggest accomplishments recently?:

We are revenue generating. Also, Festi has already attracted hundreds of users in the Arlington area, which happens to be packed with people with many talents. Early adopters, such as home chefs, can now showcase and monetize their culinary skills with friends and neighbors. The best part? Festi fits people's schedule and lifestyle with today's gig economy. Festi extends beyond foodie events, with pros, from tennis, golf, yoga, to skateboarding. Since Festi streamlines payment in advance, upon booking, the app spans the gap between what you love and what you do.

What are your goals for the Collision conference? Who do you hope to meet?:

My goal for the Collision conference is to connect and network with other founders and investors. To gain insight and guidance in the start-up world which includes the funding journey.  

Why is Arlington a great place for your startup?:

As a female founder and new to the tech world, Arlington is an awesome place to build a company because of the demographics of our community.  The spectrum of experiences, cultures and incredible support by not just local organizations (such as AED), but also the users and early adopters of the app. The people of Arlington have incredible talent, are progressive and appreciates innovative ideas. 

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