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Arlington Economic Development (AED) has chosen five emerging startups from Arlington to attend and exhibit with us at Collision - the nation’s fastest-growing tech conference. Collision takes place next week, from April 30 – May 3, 2018 in New Orleans. We are profiling each of the five startups this week in advance of the conference.  

Lovelytics helps business leaders organize and visualize their data to help them make better data-driven decisions. Their goal is to develop dashboards using Tableau Software that helps translate the complicated material into the simple. We interviewed founder, Scott Love, to understand a little bit more about his company and what he hopes to achieve at Collision.

Describe your startup in a few sentences:

Staying true to our name, Lovelytics, we shorten complex data into understandable mash-ups that simplify information. (see map of the most problematic intersections for car accidents in DC, above) 

Brag a little: what have been your company’s biggest accomplishments recently:

Recently, our team secured our first contract over $125,000.  We have also doubled our technical team in the last 2 months and will double again by the end of April

What are your goals for the Collision conference? Who do you hope to meet? 

My primary goal is to network and meet with potential investors to learn about what they are looking for when investing in professional services firms. My 2nd goal is to network with others in the data analytics and business intelligence. Lastly, I am interested in attending the sessions to learn about how other organizations are using data and analytics to solve business problems. 

Why is Arlington a great place for your startup?

Lovelytics has utilized many of the resources and benefits Arlington has to offer, which led to early success, new clients, and a growing network of partners and mentors for our team. In addition to the startup-friendly environment in Arlington, the location is fantastic for any business doing both private and public sector work. 

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