New Amenity Electric Shuttle Service Launches in Arlington

FLARE Technology and Services, an amenity electric shuttle service and technology platform, has announced the launch of its business in Northern Virginia. The company held a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month to showcase the new service.


“We are excited to begin serving Arlington and giving residents of non-Metro accessible areas a way to connect with other neighborhoods,” said Andres Delgado, CEO of FLARE.

“There are many desirable places to live within Arlington County, but everyone is not able to live in locations with easy access to transit. We created FLARE as a solution to solve the connectivity problem within Arlington and in the greater DC metro area.


“The service aspect of our business model is to partner with apartment and condo buildings as an amenity transportation service. We’ve tested our model in south Arlington where we’ve shuttled residents to and from the restaurants, shops, and the grocery store, and it’s been a success. The technology aspect of our business is to help the adaption of new technologies with potential to make our roads safer, less congested and efficient. We will partner with research centers and industry leaders to enable a successful integration of these technologies into our existing transportation system.”


Prior to creating FLARE, Delgado previously founded Forza Designs, a company that manufactured accessories for home entertainment systems. Delgado sold Forza in early 2019 after building a strategic partnership with Microsoft. He also has nearly a decade in real estate sales. Originally from Baltimore, he holds a BA from Towson University and a MA from American University. 


Delgado’s co-founder Chris Yeazel is a former Army logistics officer and Iraq veteran with six years of urban development and sustainability sector experience in non-profit, business, and consulting capacities. Originally from the Baltimore area, he holds both a BA and a MPA from George Washington University, with graduate studies in urban planning.

Members of the Arlington County Board have been invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

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