Move Over, Mission Impossible: Trustify is now Sleuthing in Arlington

Secret rooms. A library. Chandeliers. Those are the trademarks of the unique office space of Trustify, which held its grand opening earlier this month in Arlington's Crystal City neighborhood. The space, complete with spectacular views of the Potomac River and National Mall, almost sends nostalgic memories of the movie "Clue" (although admittedly, I never did see anything like a candlestick or rope). It's a fitting tribute, since Trustify calls itself "the uber for private investigators." 

Husband-and-wife team Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice founded Trustify two years ago in D.C., but with the company's growth to 40 full-time employees, it was looking for a larger home. It found it in Arlington, saying the available workforce and community was perfect for the growing startup. The new 8,000 square foot space in Crystal City was specifically designed not just with the investigative touches, but also with the idea of feeling like home. It's comfortable and cozy, and the views are pretty amazing. Architecture firm Wingate Hughes designed the office. 

Trustify contracts with more than 7000 private investigators around the world with its "service-on-demand" philosophy. Clients use the service to do everything from investigate potential dates to clients and business partners.

Welcome to Arlington, Trustify! 

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