Mason Legal Clinic @BizLaunch: Which Entity is Right for Your Startup?

In the United States, there are six main types of business entities you can form for your startup. With each entity offering its unique benefits, it becomes difficult to decipher which is right for your startup. 


In our first segment from our Mason Legal Clinic last week, legal experts from George Mason University gave an overview of the different entity types while discussing the tax implications for each other kind of business entity.


As a startup, one item many need to have an understanding of is employment taxes. While all employers are liable to remit employment taxes, how self-employment taxes are paid may depend on the type of entity you form for your startup. Check out the next segment from our Mason Legal Clinic @BizLaunch for all things employment taxes and how your business entity affects how they are paid.



For many startups, their exit strategy may be to sell their business eventually. In our final segment from our Mason Legal Clinic @BizLaunch, we will be discussing different scenarios for a sale of a company and how the type of entity affects the owner’s proceeds.



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