Japanese Conglomorate Continues to Grow in Arlington

Mr. Shin Takahashi is Chairman of the Board and Head of Government Relations and Public Policy for NEC Corporation of America (NECAM).  NECAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with 110,000+ employees in 44 countries and $28 billion in revenue.  Mr. Takahashi moved to Arlington in 2017 to establish NEC’s government relations function in Rosslyn.  The location now supports NEC’s government relations, federal government and aviation business units.    

  1. How does having an office in Arlington help NEC achieve its business goals?    

Arlington and Northern Virginia is an excellent place for technology businesses. This area has lots of good tech companies, allowing us to interact with other technology businesses.   NEC will be relocating to a new office in Ballston in the Fall.  The office now has several business units: NEC America (government relations and aviation business unit) and NEC National Security Systems (NSS) (for federal government business).  Arlington is the perfect place since customers for all business units are located close by.  NSS’s customers are federal agencies such as DOD and DHS, which are in Arlington.  NEC’s government affairs clients, such as Congress, Executive Branches, industry associations, think tanks, and embassies, are accessible by metro or short car ride.   

We only looked at Arlington when considering a new location. The new office is across from the Ballston Mall, connected to the metro, mall, and the Hilton. NEC’s visitors can stay at the hotel, walk to the office and use the sky bridge to visit the mall without going outside if the weather is cold. It will also be an excellent location to attract technology talents.  

  1. What advice would you give to an international company when it is considering expanding to the U.S.?    

A strong local management team is the key to success. Arlington is a good location for hiring great talent with excellent education and experiences.  There are lots of good companies around here, so it is easy to find highly qualified talent.  

  1. In early 2018, you established NEC Corporation of America in Arlington.  After a year, the company expanded further by adding a Customer Experience Center to showcase its IT and facial recognition technology.  Can you discuss what do you want to accomplish with the showroom?  

We built a showroom to show NEC’s technology to our clients, such as the government agency people and congressional staffers.  This site allows us to demonstrate our products and to have clients experience our products firsthand. Our new space in Ballston will still have a virtual showroom, and we will enhance it by using virtual reality to showcase the products and technology.  The design for the office will have a very high-tech look.    

  1. You currently live in the Courthouse area of Arlington.  What do you enjoy most about Arlington and the Washington area?  Any surprises?  

Arlington is diverse and international, so it is very easy for new employees, including foreign ex-pats to adjust and feel welcomed. Living in the area is very safe.  I could carry the same lifestyle as in Tokyo, where I could walk every place at night, go to grocery stores and restaurants, and visit movie theatres.  There are so many different fitness places and gyms!  From my window, I can see people carrying yoga mats to exercise, so it is a big booster for my wellness and a motivation to work out.  I love to ride my bicycle and regularly ride the Arlington bicycle loop.   

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