In a pandemic, the creative sector has a lot to lose. It also has a lot to gain.

While industries like professional sports may have a bigger cushion to weather an empty stadium for several months, small organizations and individuals rarely have such a buffer. By now we know a lot about the losses like vanished ticket sales and staff layoffs. But what holds up the promise of creative thinkers?

Day by day, the number of cases rises. Museums are closing, performances are cancelled and festivals are postponed. How is Arlington’s creative sector holding up and staying relevant?

Bayou Bakery has stepped in to provide free lunches to Arlington students and families while schools are closed. Acme Pie has been delivering a trio of goods for a nominal $20. Watch for the orange truck to pull up with soup, bread and of course, pie and get ready to swoon. Grassfed Media is offering discounted PR and communications strategies to eligible small businesses because what company strives to be forgettable?

Take a video tour of Arlington’s exceptional public art collection from the comfort of home. And be sure to mark your calendar for a self-guided walking tour once the coast is clear.

Covet Arlington is featuring a selection of favorite products to purchase online and have shipped or picked up curbside in their parking lot.

Ticket holders to Signature Theatre’s Easy Women Smoking Loose Cigarettes will soon have access to a streaming video of the production.

Good Company Doughnuts is serving the community with lunches for school children and specials for seniors.

Other businesses are offering gift cards, classes in advance, support on social media, a gift box of soothing items for troubled times, greeting cards and much more.

For many theater companies and performers, Zoom video conferencing software has become the new stage.

Some of these options have been in plain sight for years now, but the urgency of coronavirus is propelling creative thinking way beyond the norm.

Maybe necessity is the mother of invention but it’s no time for ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

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