How Your Tech Startup Can Thrive Outside the Valley

Ximena Hartstock, Co-Founder and President of Arlington-based, Phone2Action shared her wisdom on how to build a successful tech company on a CES panel discussion titled, "Getting Air Outside of the Silicon Valley Bubble: Helping Tech Start-ups Succeed Outside of the Valley." 

She gave startups several important tips for creating a fast-growing startup outside the Valley:

  • Move closer to your customer base.  It will make it so much easier to communicate with them and gain valuable insights into how to improve your product based on real use-cases.
  • Focus on your product and your customer.  Don't get caught up in finding investors since your customers really build your business and provide helpful feedback.
  • Talent will relocate to the space you create for them.  There are many burgeoning tech ecosystems outside the Valley in places like Arlington and the Metro DC-area, Boston, Atlanta and more. Plus, technology is so advanced, connecting remote teams is easier.
  • Create a partnership with your local economic development organization.  They can help connect you to community resources, office space, grants and other incentives for fast-growing businesses.

If you missed it, you can watch the panel now

Topic: BIG Update
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