How the cyber industry is thriving

It’s estimated that there are over 58,000 cyber jobs currently unfilled in the DC region. Arlington has and will continue to benefit from the booming cyber market. The abundance of cyber jobs in the region may not surprise you given the federal resources that have been and will continue to be given to fuel its growth, certainly from a national security standpoint. Between DHS, ONR, TSA, DEA, FDIC, to mention a few (all with large presences in Arlington), it’s easy to understand why this region will benefit from a job standpoint. But what some people don’t know is that the DMV, and Arlington in particular, has been a hotbed for private sector cyber companies. Like many companies, they recognize the technical talent they need to attract is in our region. Here are 5 companies who are adding to the region’s growing cyber hub.

Distil Networks started in Arlington in 2012, now 5 years later they have grown to over 150 employees in 4 offices, $54 million raised multiple acquisitions, and continue to be a major player in the bot blocking space.

Most recently, BluVector set up shop in Ballston. The company, a malware detection software, was spun out of Northrup Grumman and subsequently acquired by a private equity firm in order to scale the company growth. Originally development for the defense agencies, once the company decided it also has commercial application, the decision to go private made sense.

Endgame is a name you are probably familiar with if you follow the cyber market at all. This Courthouse based company who also works on threat detection software, sold its federal services division to Accenture earlier this year. It’s raised close to $100 million to date, including a recent $19 million from the Airforce  It helps when you are surrounded by the largest contractors who often look for services and software like EndGame provides to add value to their business. Endgame’s CEO stated that ‘The Government is often seen as a laggard in technology, and often that is correct.’ This leaves massive opportunities for private sectors companies to help them, all the while growing their nonpublic sectors as well.

Clarendon-based ThreatConnect, who raised $22 million to date and has grown to more than 100 employees, has experienced explosive growing in both public and private sector markets. The company now has more than 1,200 clients.

Organizations that support and provide services or training for the cyber industry are also adding to the growing hub. HackedED, a Crystal City-based cyber training organization that readies people for a specific cyber role through a series of training courses. CyberVista, which is part of Graham holdings, provides training and workforce development services for the cyber industry.

As the cyber market continues to grow there will be more and more opportunities for not only private and public sector growth, but opportunities to partner, raise capital, acquire or be acquired. It is not many regions can take place and it is no wonder there is and will continue to be a massive cyber security hub in the DMV, with Arlington at the epicenter.

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