Helping your business often starts with helping others

Arlington’s Beth Singer Design (BSD) has been rooted in nonprofit organization work for years. Between designing marketing materials, event brochures, fundraising pieces and much more, they’ve hit the sweet spot working with organizations that benefit from a strong image and a sincere story. By their very nature, nonprofits have a mission in service to others so looking their best to donors and funders is essential. Throughout their work with many nonprofits, BSD has been there to craft a positive message in service to that mission. Now, true to their brand, BSD is taking advantage of that approach; for themselves.

And suddenly, like nearly all businesses, nothing was the same. For BSD, the first question wasn’t ‘should we get busy designing new promotional materials for ourselves?’ ‘Do we need a new strategic plan or SWOT analysis (which, in fairness, can be helpful)?’ It was, ‘what is it about our positive approach that makes us relevant?’ It meant taking stock and leading a team that could contribute to staying connected. It meant looking at the value of the people they already work with, each other, to stand up the principles that built the business over decades. So what does that look like?

For the specialized area of working with nonprofits, understanding what it means to stay connected has been core to the BSD work. And right now we all need some strong connective tissue, some good news to keep us going, keep us sane, entertain our new ‘co-workers’ (i.e. kids, pets, partners) and localize our focus. BSD’s solid design industry newsletter, sent out periodically, has now turned into a twice weekly lifeline. Simply titled ‘Upbeat’, the BSD team finds ways, lots of ways, to remind the community and themselves that there are solutions to work issues (like cleaning up that messy Zoom background), tons of free resources for students that range from silly to sublime and great ways to use this unexpected gift of time.

Although a good story newsletter won’t replace the core services BSD has been known for, it may be the launch point for new services and tool kits about to be rolled out. While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve, we can see that there are even more ways that our creative connectivity will outlast the pandemic. It’s tough out there so by all means, stay upbeat.

Topic: COVID-19 Resources, Creative Economy
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