Globox Rentals Acquired, Expands

Local company Globox Rentals, which was last featured on this site in 2013, has announced its been acquired by Canadian company Alps Innovations Group, an innovative retail solutions company that provides automated retail solutions and inventory management software to retailers worldwide.

Originally designed as a film kiosk distribution service to “bring the top films from all over the world to local neighborhoods,” Globox co-founders Asad Ali and Sammy Kassim found interest in the company and its services from around the globe. When Alps Innovations brought the opportunity to explore a larger market of automated retail kiosks, the pair realized “this could be something even bigger than we originally thought.” Alps Innovations has a diverse set of automated retail product lines which include Bar ATM, Kaneh Bosm Bio Technology, Nutrition-2-GO (N2G) and Boston Scientific.

Launching in Arlington, Ali says, was an easy choice because of the resources and partnerships available here. “Being so close to Washington D.C. while having easy access to the larger commercial retail areas was very important to our business,” he says. “We needed to be able to acquire customers in strategic areas while balancing our next growth phase. We had inquiries from over 200 locations across North America requesting our kiosks, and had thousands of customers across Northern Virginia paying to rent the films we produced. Our content came directly from the studios themselves ranging from Mexico to India, and it was all brought together to Arlington.”

Ali and Kassim said Arlington’s BizLaunch program “was extremely instrumental in business development – the behind the scenes work that ultimately led to both funding and location contracts for our company” and said the program gave them the focus on building a business foundation that would be strong enough to sustain and grow – a goal they achieved faster than they ever imagined. Working with the program we were able to stay focused on building a foundation that would be strong enough to sustain and grow.

We are growing into an international company that specializes in custom retail solutions,” says Ali, who adds that an Arlington headquarters for Alps Innovations is in the works. “We have clients and partners in Europe, Canada and across the States. When it is all said and done, we want Alps Innovations to be a global brand that changed retail forever.”

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