Five Great Starter Apps and Sites for Small Businesses

Here at BizLaunch, we're always thinking of ways to help entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their businesses a little more efficiently. After all, who doesn't want to make things easier every now and then?

Lately, we're finding plenty of opportunities to do just that in the form of new websites and apps that help with everything from money management and legal needs to organization and marketing. Check out these five useful and economical apps and websites, now see for yourself.   

  1. Intuit Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance** This FREE mobile application (that can also be accessed through the Mint website), allows you to manage all your money transactions in one place! How does it work you ask? Well, the application gathers your financial information (from banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions) and beautifully illustrates, categorizes, and tracks your spending habits. The application also allows you to set budgetary limits and lets you know if you are under- or over-budget in a particular category. 
  2. Rocket Lawyer – Want to “create and customize” legal documents and forms for your business with the advice of lawyers? Well, look no further because Rocket Lawyer does just that.  Depending on your needs, they offer three different plan options that vary from $7.00 to $49.95. This may be a good resource that complements your reputable attorney.
  3. Canva – This application allows you to design and personalize professional images for your online and offline content marketing strategy. You can upload your own images or use Canva’s images for your social media posts, marketing materials, flyers and blogs. The price for copyrighted images vary; however, there are many FREE and low-cost images available. Canva is a convenient and inexpensive tool for business owners to promote their brand.
  4. Asana – This is an interactive project management and communication application. The company’s slogan is “teamwork without email,” and it allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and receive notifications and updates from your team. The application is free for up to 14 employees and prices vary for >14 employees.
  5. Periscope – A live video streaming application – now being used as a useful marketing tool – that allows you to broadcast and share live streaming videos and get instant feedback from your customers and fans. As an added bonus, if you have a Twitter account, your followers will know when you go LIVE! To learn more, check out Periscope Tutorial: How to Join Periscope for Beginners. Also, check out the Small Business Trends Livestreamed Livelihoods stories.

These starter apps and website may be a great resource for you and your business. Let us know other great sites/apps that have worked for you. 

** Mint will require access to your financial accounts. For more information on their “triple layer security,” please visit their website.

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