Eastern Foundry Contracting Boot Camp Helps Contractors Navigate the Federal Process

If you aren’t already familiar with the Eastern Foundry and you are a government contractor in the technology space, you may want to take notice. Eastern Foundry is an incubator whose mission is to "help small tech companies succeed in the government contracting space, help system integrators find qualified partners and help federal agencies meet their small business targets."

Taking its mission to heart, Eastern Foundry is piloting a first of its kind program for those looking to earn a Government Contracting Professional Certificate. The program, which will consist of 50 hours of classroom instruction taught by more than 15 experts in various government procurement areas, leaving contractors with the knowledge and skills to help grow their own business. Taking place March 9–13, these classes will cover everything from registering and certifying a business to how to engage with primes, partners, various agencies, and everything in between. It’s sort of like a boot camp, but instead of leaving sore, exhausted and feeling like you may keel over, participants will walk away with the infrastructure in place to start, grow or improve upon a contracting business.

Ever wonder why is the RFP process so convoluted? Moreover, have you ever spent countless hours writing one only to get rejected for not understanding what you needed or missed? Or, ever get stuck when trying to decipher the security and compliance requirements? Do you struggle with when you should be a prime versus a sub? This workshop is designed to answer these questions and alleviate some of frustration that comes along with doing business with the government. Eastern Foundry’s motto is “Government Contracting Is Our Passion” and they are hoping that passion helps improve an industry which can often be hard to navigate. 

For more information, visit www.eastern-foundry.com


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