Dark Star Park Celebrates 35th Anniversary

It’s been 35 years since Dark Star Park in Rosslyn became one of the first major examples of integrated public art in the nation and effectively began Arlington’s public art program, and this year, Arlington Public Art celebrated the anniversary in style.


More than 300 people visited the Rosslyn sculpture the morning of Aug. 1 for Dark Star Park Day, when shadows cast by the poles and spheres that make up the public art piece perfectly align with permanent forms in the shape of the shadows on the ground beneath them at precisely 9:32 a.m. Dark Star Park is also extraordinary in that it is among the late artist Nancy Holt’s few works in an accessible urban area.


Dark Star Park Sculpture by Nancy HoltDark Star Park is both a regional landmark and a cornerstone of Arlington’s internationally acclaimed public art collection. This year, Arlington Public Art partnered with the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden for a variety of events and programs to commemorate the anniversary, including panel discussions, film screenings of the artist’s other works and more.


Arlington is home to more than sixty permanent public art projects, all commissioned by the County to be integrated into various capital improvement projects, by developers as part of a site plan process, and initiated by communities. The Dark Star Park sculpture was the first piece in Arlington’s permanent public art collection Arlington’s history of developer-initiated projects goes back to 1979 with the commission of Nancy Holt’s Dark Star Park in Rosslyn.


Dark Star Park Day also marks the anniversary of the day William Henry Ross purchased the land that later became Rosslyn, where the park is located.

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