Creativity Fuels a Competitive Workforce

As Arlington takes its place on a global stage of attracting the headquarters of major industries, the spotlight inevitably turns to the talent pool. Smart, educated workers who demonstrate way more than subject matter expertise are more and more in demand. While you probably won’t find ‘can you draw?’ on a job application, it has even been suggested that an MFA is the new MBA.

This month, Arlington Economic Development launches the next series of seminars: “ Return on Creativity: An Arlington County Asset.” The series will feature professionals and educators who are leading business and workforce growth through the application of creativity. This creativity is driven through talent availability, process improvements and innovative solutions.

Additionally, the series offers networking opportunities, first-hand insights and compelling evidence that Arlington County is an accelerator to personal and organizational growth and prosperity.

Arlington’s culture of creativity drives startup, non-profit, association and corporate success. Over the past 10 years, Arlington County has earned a reputation of nurturing a creatively-driven commerce and community through policy, technology, education and development. Arlington County is home to businesses and people who contribute to the county’s fiscal and social prosperity through a focus on creativity.

Register here for Return on Creativity: An Arlington County Asset, Thursday, April 26 at VATech in Ballston.

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Topic: Creative Economy
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