County, Neighboring Jurisdictions to Implement Plastic Bag Tax

As announced during the September 2021 County Board meeting, Arlington County is joining neighbors Fairfax County and Cities of Falls Church and Alexandria in implementing a 5-cent tax on disposable plastic bags. For the business community, it means that grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores will be required to charge the fee per disposable plastic bag provided at checkout starting January 1, 2022.

Read more about the policy and effect on businesses.

The tax aligns with the County’s environmental goals to reduce pollution and protect natural resources. It also gives shoppers an incentive to bring their own reusable totes rather than accept single-use disposable plastic that can end up polluting local waterways or simply tossed in with trash destined for incinerators and landfills.

Learn more about the regional effort to limit plastic bag use.

Topic: Economic Update
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