Coronavirus Update: Doing Business in the Era of COVID-19

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus is having an economic impact on a national and global scale. The markets are volatile and unpredictable. Airlines are cutting routes, and travelers are cancelling trips out of concern for well-being and the possibility of quarantine. Here in Arlington is no different. We’ve been hearing from our businesses who’ve experienced everything from the cancellation of conferences for employees and cancelled business to the area to a lack of product supply for businesses as a result of concerns surrounding the virus. It’s something that can affect the business community at all levels, and here in Arlington, we’re actively trying to keep a pulse on what our businesses are experiencing as well as sharing the latest information and guidance from medical experts.

Right now, we simply don’t know how long this situation will continue and at what scale. The best thing businesses can do at this point is remain vigilant and be prepared. Have continuity plans in place to offset potential employee absences. Prepare for employee telework options if available. Perform routine environmental cleaning around the office. All of these serve as a general reminder of how we can prepare now to encourage relatively normal business operations in the event of a disruption.

From the perspective of AED and the County, I can assure you that we are taking the same precautions listed above, but our work is continuing through this unforeseen crisis.  We have also experienced the cancellation of some events and conferences members of the team were scheduled to attend this spring to help share the stories of Arlington, but our efforts to those audiences remain unchanged. We look forward to working through this situation with all of you in the business community as well. By working in tandem and keeping each other informed, we can be best equipped to continue our work ensuring the success of Arlington’s economic ecosystem.

In the meantime, we recommend the resources below for some of the most up to date information surrounding the virus and precautions businesses can take.

Arlington County Public Health:

 CDC Resources for Businesses and Employers:

Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

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