Company Spotlight: ByteCubed

Guest blog courtesy of Ashley N. Scott, Director of Public Affairs at ByteCubed.

After a few years of working for the government and large defense contractors, Ahmad Ishaq realized the inherent bureaucracy in those entities would always make it difficult to bring forth change and inhibit innovation. This led him to take on the risk of starting his own company in order to see if he could make an impact by disrupting the traditionally stove-piped government contracting space. Ishaq founded ByteCubed, a government contractor and consulting firm whose mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions for the government’s most challenging problems.

With an unparalleled location in the proximity to the world’s largest enterprise (U.S. Federal Government), Ishaq felt Arlington would make a great central location to start a company that would serve as an agent of change. 

The diversity of population and large concentration of incredibly skilled and knowledgeable people, with varying professional backgrounds, provide a rich resource of talent for ByteCubed to tap into. With its initial focus of helping the government become more efficient, coupled with the rapidly growing startup community in Arlington County, it made logical sense for ByteCubed to plant their roots here. Large partners like Vornado and Arlington County, with their aggressive push to recruit small businesses as the basis for economic growth, were even further encouraging signs of the willingness to support small businesses that are looking to help build a new 21st century startup eco-system that can challenge the traditional innovative hotbeds such as Silicon Valley.

The willingness from government leaders to take on new, exciting projects that could result in broad positive implications on both the effectiveness of government and the tech capabilities of U.S. companies and its industrial base has come as a pleasant surprise for the founder of ByteCubed.  Ishaq has realized through his experience the many challenges of starting a company, but working within the Federal Acquisition Regulation policies can actually work to your advantage by forcing you to make infrastructure investments that ultimately put structures in place that benefit the business in the long term.

ByteCubed’s long-term vision is predicated on its continued success in providing innovative solutions in big data, predictive analytics, enterprise cloud services, and producing innovative R&D projects for its clients, but all in support of the eventual goal of reinvesting its success into its own hardworking people and the Arlington community. ByteCubed will soon move to Crystal City into a new, much larger space that will accommodate their exponential growth as well as provide new exciting opportunities that will attract and keep talent right here in Arlington.

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