Brookings Chooses the D.C. Metro Region for Global Cities Initiative: Here's What It Means

It’s been in the works for quite some time, and now it’s official. AED is thrilled that the Greater Washington metro area has been selected for the Global Cities Initiative (GCI), a joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase. With this announcement the Greater Washington area joins a group of 28 U.S. metro areas already in the GCI Exchange. AED and its Director Victor Hoskins are longtime proponents of regional collaboration and look forward to partnering with neighbors to make the region more competitive on a global basis.

But what does a program like this really mean for Arlington? In a nutshell, it’s going to make Arlington – and the entire region – stronger when it comes to international export opportunities. The Global Cities Initiative will provide us with GCI data, research and network to better understand our competitive strengths and strategies, which we in turn can use to take greater advantage of growth overseas.

This goes along perfectly with AED’s new philosophy on regionalism, or as we often refer to it, “coopetition.” You may remember we partnered last year with neighbor Alexandria at SXSW and with the District for a special event during Select USA.

They say strength comes in numbers, and with the region collaborating together to secure interest from overseas, that strength results in a more robust economy for us all.

Read more about the Global Cities Initiative in the Greater Washington metro area.

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