BizLaunch Featured Business: Joule Wellness Pharmacy

Joule Wellness Pharmacy, a new addition along Columbia Pike, isn’t just about medications. It’s about wellness – offering services and programs to keep the community happy, healthy, and well-informed. Owner Woyni Tewelde says she chose Arlington for her business not only for the demographics and cultural diversity, but also for the willingness of residents to improve their wellness and health.

“What is missing from the pharmacy experience all too often is counseling, customer service and personalized attention,” explains Tewelde. “As an independent compounding pharmacy, I wanted to provide  my community with the ultimate personalized pharmacy “experience” by promoting healthy living through improved medication adherence, immunization awareness, and a greater appreciation for overall health and wellness.”

Tewelde, who cites Steve Jobs (for his vision and  entrepreneurship); Nelson Mandela (for his patience and perseverance); and Mother Theresa (for her untiring dedication to bettering the lives of the poorest) as her inspirations and ideal business partners, says she gained valuable insights on how to successfully run a small business through working with BizLaunch. She learned how to market through social media (an inexpensive and powerful tool) and was provided with key contacts within civic groups to leverage off their wide relationships in the community.

Only open for about four months, Joule Wellness is already setting itself apart from its competitors with a philosophy of really getting to know its customers – by going back to the “trusted local pharmacist.”

“At Joule Wellness Pharmacy, it takes more than just medication compliance to achieve overall good health and wellness,” says Tewelde. “Joule Wellness Pharmacy was always built on the foundation that people deserve exceptional service when it comes to their health and medications. This means going above and beyond for its patients and treating them like family. Come in to Joule Wellness Pharmacy and see the difference a local business can make in your life.”

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