BizLaunch Featured Company: Makondo Pets

Three years ago, Federico Arcinegas opened Makondo Pets, realizing a dream of starting his own company that he brought with him when he came to the United States.  The store, featuring all-natural pet products ranging from joint supplements to shampoos, also gives back to the community that adopted owner Arcinegas and his family when they came here in 2011. A portion of proceeds all go to help various animal rescue charities – chosen specifically by customers.

“I believe in the route of working hard in order to accomplish your own dreams, have the liberty to experiment, to try and fail, try and succeed,” says Arcinegas, who admits to hitting some bumps in his road to successful entrepreneurship. “I´m really curious and I love to be involved in all the steps of a process or a project, to develop and create new products.”

Now, Arcinegas is actively involved with every aspect of his family business, which he calls “accomplishing a dream of bringing health and wellbeing to pets all across America.” Being an online company, he says he pays attention to every single customer review that comes in.  That level of customer service, he says, is something he sees throughout Arlington’s business community.

“People in the Arlington business community share a philosophy, which is hard work and an unbreakable desire to succeed,” he says. “I have met entrepreneurs in Arlington County that are in different industries such as music academy, bakery, digital agency and restaurants, all of them are constantly thinking about ways to improve and get better results each day. We all know that results and success don't appear from one day to the other; it is a constant effort, so we never stop working to achieve it.”

Arcinegas and his family worked closely with the BizLaunch team to develop and grow their company, a resource he says was very helpful. “I love the seminars that they frequently organize; you can get so much of them to apply it to your business. You can feel a truly desire to help you out with your needs, all this accompanied with an impeccable service. Is not only the information and the teachings you get from the seminars but also the people you can get to meet during these events.”

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