BizLaunch Featured Business: Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Tucked inside the Crystal City Shops, Schakolad Chocolate Factory has been serving up delicious handmade chocolates for nearly five years. Owner Patty Carmody took over operation of the franchise after catching the “entrepreneur bug,” and the rest is chocolatey, delicious history.

“Arlington is great place where people love to go out and have a great time,” says Carmody. “It’s where I live and I would love to be a choice to people when they ask themselves, 'where do you want to grab dessert.'”

Schakolad employees make every single piece of candy sold in the store on the premises, which include traditional holiday chocolate boxes, corporate gifts and novelties ranging from chocolate champagne glasses and roses to chocolate graduation caps and award statues.  Customers can also create their own custom boxes to find the ideal gift.

“BizLaunch has helped Schakolad Chocolate Factory tremendously! I will never be able to thank them enough,” explains Carmody.  “When I spoke, I could see that she (BizLaunch’s Lourdes Morales) was really listening and I could feel that her true goal was to help Schakolad Chocolate Factory succeed, not just to start a coffee line in the store. I felt greatful and excited, but also respected.”

Carmody’s passion for her business venture is evident, as she explains that she “loves making people happy. It’s as simple as that.” She and her team work with every customer to ensure each order is perfect.

“Chocolate is our life. We work 24/7 to make it the best we can. When people come into our store they can feel the love and warmth that we put into making the chocolate and satisfying our customers. When we make a mistake, we will try again and again, no matter how long it takes. And when we get something right, we will try again and again to make it even better. Because we take pride in what we do, but our pride doesn't limit us. Chocolate is our life, and we want people to know that. No, we want people to FEEL that, to TASTE that, to LOVE that.”

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