BizLaunch Featured Business: Law Office of Ryan F. Alvarez

Attorney Ryan Alvarez says he made the decision to start his own business two and a half years ago because he knew he had a service he could offer that helped meet the needs of small business owners. Today, the Law Office of Ryan F. Alvarez specializes is business law, construction law and estate planning/administration, where he often assists fellow small business owners in setting up their enterprises.

“Arlington is a great place to start…a law practice,” he explains, citing Arlington’s proximity to local county courts as well as immigration court. “With so many businesses and a large, diverse population, Arlington is certainly a place for a business to grow.”

In his practice, Alvarez is often tasked with assisting small businesses with their contracts, leases and litigation, among other services, calling Arlington a pro-business community and one in which just about any business could succeed. He credits some of those successes to the work of AED’s BizLaunch, which he discovered in 2012 after staff referred a client to his office. Since then, he’s attended several BizLaunch seminars and often uses BizLaunch as a resource for his business clients looking to grow their own enterprises.

“I would like my business to be remembered as a business that helped other businesses grow,” says Alvarez. “The Law Office of Ryan F. Alvarez, PLLC is evidence that the American Dream is alive and well, both for me as the owner and for the clients whom the Law Office has helped grow their business.”

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