BizLaunch Featured Business: Golden Gleam Cleaning

Commercial cleaning company Golden Gleam Cleaning owner Julio Serrano has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He started his first company in Guatemala at the age of 15, and after the moved to the United States he had a dream to continue his own business to provide opportunity to others in his community. Three years ago, he opened Golden Gleam Cleaning, and he’s never looked back.

“Arlington has a lot of resources for entrepreneurs,” he explains, saying he won his first big contract just two months after opening his business.

Golden Gleam provides cleaning services to office buildings and other businesses in Arlington and throughout the DMV. Serrano says he discovered BizLaunch and its services through the Hispanic committee of Virginia.

“I’ve been attending workshops and have done different one-on-one counseling on licensing, permits, insurance, and working on my business plan,” he says. “BizLaunch helped me expand my professional network as well….(It’s beneficial to) have access to information, workshops and counseling in my own language.” He adds that BizLaunch helped him “grow up” as an entrepreneur.

At heart, however, Serrano keeps up with his mission to provide opportunity to others in his community, saying he even provides dinner for his employees once a week. Being responsible and compassionate, he says, is his #1 goal.

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