BizLaunch Featured Business: El Abuelo Pisco Sour Mix

Pisco SourMix was created in December 2012, after an arduous effort that took nearly three years.

The idea came about in 2008, when creator Juan Garcia noticed the failed attempts of Pisco Sour sale in American and Hispanic Restaurants. They tried to promote the Peruvian Pisco Sour, and it was quickly apparent that the drink did not last very long in their bars and the excitement and anticipation was quickly lost as the difficult preparation took longer than expected. As a result, many establishments resorted to using regular sweet and sour mixes, making the drink unoriginal lacking in flavor, color and texture and leaving the cocktail without the signature foam of the national Peruvian drink.

“It was a passion I always had and wanted to carry out eventually,” says Garcia. “The idea came to me and I knew I had to give it a try.”

Since then, El Abuelo Pisco Sour Mix has grown from a local business to working with regional distributors. He hopes to expand to a national customer base soon. And Garcia says he’s learned a lot about becoming a business owner throughout the process.

“Starting my business, the biggest success was the innovative uniqueness of the product.  I created a product that had never been attempted in the market. A mistake that caused the launch of my product to take longer than it should have was the lack of connections. I quickly learned that networking was a huge part of a successful business.”

“The Arlington business community is a helpful tool for those that want to start their own business and become entrepreneurs,” he says. “BizLaunch seminars are giving me the knowledge and experience that teach me how to conduct my business.”

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