BizLaunch Featured Business: Clarendon Animal Care

A new business is coming to Clarendon to help Arlingtonians take care of their four-legged friends. Clarendon Animal Care plans to open its doors in January as a full-service veterinary clinic. Owners/veterinarians Kayleen Gloor and Natasha Ungerer Dillaman, both of whom also volunteer their time with various Arlington animal rescue organizations, said they made the decision to start their business because they “had visions of a quality practice with high standards of care and compassionate client interactions.”

Clarendon Animal Care will offer all preventative and diagnostic services as well as pet surgeries, dentistry, and a pet pharmacy. Asked why they chose Arlington as their home location, the doctors said it was more than just proximity to home. “(Arlington has) a shared value for pets within the community,” says Dr. Gloor.

Opening a business from the ground up was a new experience for both doctors. They turned to AED’s BizLaunch for assistance, who helped navigate the County systems and identified resources the new business owners could use. They said they learned a lot throughout the process, most specifically, the need to be flexible on timing to get from initial concept to functional business and the need of having friends, family and clients for support.

However, it’s when asked about their ideal business partners where the pair really shows their passion for the work they do. In addition to naming her existing veterinarian business partner and her father, a local business owner as well, Dr. Gloor specifically mentioned English veterinary surgeon James Alfred Wight, a.k.a. James Herriot.

“He inspired me, along with hundreds of others, at a young age to pursue veterinary medicine,” said Dr. Gloor. “His compassion and love of his profession, expressed in his fictionalized stories, are something all in our field can aspire to and use to stay grounded.”

Clarendon Animal Care is expected to open in January 2015. Visit for construction updates.

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