BizLaunch Company Spotlight: Fresco Cleaning Services, Inc.

Miguel Plaza dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since he was a young child.

Miguel Plaza’s dream came true nine years ago when he and his partner Ramon Tejada launched, Fresco Cleaning Services, Inc., an 8a Certified Commercial Cleaning Company.

Plaza and Tejada initially started their company in Arlington since, “…it is a very business-friendly place, the location was ideal, and provided the right resources, i.e. incubators.” After a few years of operation, Fresco moved out of Arlington; however, it didn’t take long for Fresco to return because we realized that Arlington, “…is a very welcoming and open community. We are all in the same boat. We are striving to grow our business and always looking for ways to be competitive and having integrity.”

One of the entrepreneurial resources that Plaza tapped into when he started Fresco Cleaning was BizLaunch. “We discovered BizLaunch early in our career and learned of the immense resources that they make available to startup businesses as well as well-established businesses. They assisted us with moving our company out of our home and into our first office space. With that new office, we started developing credit worthiness. Now, as a well-established business, BizLaunch is a great resource for us for networking opportunities thorough events and connections.”

Some of the lessons that Plaza has learned during his entrepreneurship journey and that he would like to share with other entrepreneurs, “are selecting the right personnel minimizes a lot of problems down the road, it also saves the company a great deal of resources. Regardless of how big a client or a job is, we have learned that we must always pursue the connection and develop the relationship. We are also very clear with our clients about how much business we can take.”

A top goal of Fresco Cleaning Services, Inc. is to earn excellent customer satisfaction, which they believe comes along with strong communication. At Fresco people work really hard every day to reach their goals and expectations since they would like to be remembered as a business truly dedicated to developing strong and long lasting relationships with employees, clients, and vendors. “Our team is what keeps Fresco under a steady and controlled growth path  to reach our objective which is to provide exceptional high quality services, with the commitment to satisfying and educating clients,” said Plaza.

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