Automate Intellectual Jobs with Headai Bots

Arlington Economic Development (AED) has chosen five emerging startups from Arlington to attend and exhibit with us at Collision - the nation’s fastest-growing tech conference. Collision takes place next week, from April 30 – May 3, 2018 in New Orleans. We are profiling each of the five startups this week in advance of the conference.  

While robotization is automating manual tasks,  Headai Microcompetencies is developing teachable software robots (bots) to automate various everyday intellectual jobs. We interviewed their head of business development, Anu Passi-Rauste, to understand a little bit more about the company and what she hopes to achieve at Collision.

Describe your startup in a few sentences:

Headai Microcompetencies is a solution that maps the expertise of a region, city or a company to enable a skill and competence overview available to everyone, easy to research and analyze. It uses the cognitive AI, artificial intelligence, as a knowledge management assistant, to visualize the competencies of companies, organizations and educational institutes, enabling them to be utilized on a micro level and as a resource for the ecosystem as a whole.

Brag a little. What have been your company’s biggest accomplishments recently?:

Headai won with the Microcompetencies solution a 500 000€ grant in a Challenge Competition last year 2017. President of Finland awarded the prize. Headai is launching the product in April 2018 in Finland, and first customer projects start in the USA during spring 2018.

What are your goals for the Collision conference? Who do you hope to meet? 

We are looking to promote our solution, scale the product, customer acquisition, get feedback, introductions  

Why is Arlington a great place for your startup?

A vibrant economy, great accelerators, several think tanks and organizations to support our approach. 

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