Arlington's an Intelligent Community

We’ve known for some time that Arlington has one of the highest educated workforces in the nation, but now, the world is taking notice.  Arlington has been named one of the Top 7 Intelligent Communities in the world for 2014 by the Intelligent Community Forum, one of only two communities in the United States to achieve this honor. This is the second time Arlington has achieved this top 7 ranking from ICF, which evaluates hundreds of communities around the globe on things like competitiveness and success in the broadband economy.

This year’s theme for the Intelligent Communities selection was Community as Canvas, which evaluated on aspects of culture ranging from art as an economic value and the heritage that gives a community a sense of place. Arlington’s focus on art as placemaking certainly played a role in achieving this worldwide honor.

The designation is also very important as Arlington looks to secure its role as a leader in the innovation economy, as fast-growth tech companies will be even more interested in coming to Arlington knowing about the intelligent workforce, as well as Arlington's focus on economic sustainability and placemaking.

From here, representatives from the Intelligent Community Forum will visit Arlington in the coming months to further evaluate the community on its successes in economic sustainability. The Intelligent Community of the Year will be announced in June.

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